Les Filles (the daughters)

Her long hair fell over her shoulder as she stood there chatting with older cousins she hadn’t seen since she was a child. Nodding, smiling; her sundress, her whimsical tattoos, her easy way. Her green eyes showed genuine interest as she calmly talked with each guest at her bridal shower.

I watched from a few feet away, her baby on my hip, as I smiled and greeted people in my mother-in-law’s party room. Such beautiful times. To stop and look around and see the moment. To celebrate my Emily becoming a bride next week.

One of the most lovely gifts the universe has given me is my daughters. (That is not to say that I am not madly in love with my son!) My own mother is very…distant. I have felt like an orphan most of my life. I feel for those that have lost their parents and mourn, but I also feel like they should be so grateful that they were loved and had a relationship with their parents. What a blessing that must be. So, I try to be present with my children. So much of my identity is as a mother. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful in life than making memories with these lovely young women.

My Shyanne texted me last night a picture of her sewing machine and the shawl she was making out of an extra large men’s flannel shirt she bought. We will be spending the weekend working and playing at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival and she was piecing her attire together. She couldn’t find the fabric for our clan tartan anywhere so was creating something close.

Flashes of memory surface. Sitting near the large bay window filled with plants surrounded by the comforting scents of cigarette smoke and coffee, old country records playing, I adjusted the pedal, and with Grandma’s help, started sewing. Years and years ago, Shyanne wanted a sewing machine for Christmas, and in Grandma’s house, the same scene repeated, just different generation. How I treasure and am thankful for generational wisdom and for the women in my life.

We have girls’ day quite often these days. Myself, two daughters, and two granddaughters (We are outnumbering those boys rather quickly!) all traipse around malls, parks, hiking trails, restaurants, and towns, enjoying every second of sunshine and conversation.

Purposely creating moments with family, being present, and catching the intricate details of the day, are interwoven into La Belle Vie.


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