Le Changement est Bon (change is good)

They would yell to one another, “It’s happening!” each and every evening. They would grab their bottle of wine, a few lawn chairs, and dart out to the back part of the yard and watch the sun set.

My farm interns all those years ago were from New York and they were fascinated by the changing breath of intense color shooting across the sky as the sun plummeted dramatically behind the mountains in spectacular glory. “The sky in the west is so BIG!” they would tell me. They made me notice that little piece of beautiful life. A simple sunset. A huge sky. (Beautiful endings and endless possibilities.)

I have not really seen the sun set in two and a half years being amongst trees and neighbors in the city. I have created such a beautiful haven here and I shall keep a part of it in my heart for all time. In three weeks we move to a beautiful one acre parcel close to the mountains.

It is not easy to change, but change opens up new opportunities for great adventures and a more beautiful life. The universe has had to pry my identities right out of my hands as they push me out the door to greater things. Over the years my identities have been as a full time professional model, an actress, a dance teacher, a farm girl, an herbalist. I kept the big containers of medicines that we use for ourselves and took over dozens of well brewed and new jars of medicine to my daughter who now owns our apothecary. I am no longer a full time herbalist.

All good things must come to an end….and then they begin again! Life is as beautiful as your optimism and perception.

Oh the beautiful new beginnings to come! I can write it any way I wish. A new house to decorate. New books to write. I even gave myself a new hair color. Be bold, Beautiful Ones! C’est si bon. We are all leading une belle vie.

In three weeks I will be sitting on the back porch with a glass of wine watching the sun set behind the mountains. I shall toast my old interns, wherever they may be, and thank them for showing me the beauty of sunsets. Le changement est bon.

(All photos of our new property are from the real estate listing on the internet.)


  1. I have followed you and enjoyed numerous healing medicines for me and my dog Elsa over the years.
    I am so excited for your new adventure in life! Thank you for your openness and sharing!


    1. Yes, I remember you! I am proud of Shyanne for being so passionate about the herbalism and for keeping the apothecary going. She is truly gifted. I am excited to see what is in the future as well! I suppose some variation of the same but better! I hope you are well and happy!


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