Un Beau Mariage (a beautiful wedding)

My youngest daughter became Mrs. Emily Lynn Thompson yesterday in a sunlit wedding through thick pine trees in the mountains. As she crested the hill with her arm linked through her father’s arm, her beauty was so profound I felt my breath catch. The love in her eyes for her beloved was true and moving. Reed will be a wonderful husband to her. Together they make a family of four made one by sweet spoken, handwritten vows.

They could have continued on living together. Is marriage just a piece of paper? Speaking words of wisdom and promises to one another in front of their nearest and dearest loved ones, a wedding is a celebration of commitment to one another, to their present and future children, to their village of family. It is not just a piece of paper, but rather an emotional and heartfelt union of souls.

What does marriage mean to you?

To me, it means that I have a date for everything from from karaoke night at the bar, to a morning at the farmer’s market, to our daughter’s wedding.

It means having someone to talk to; a best friend, a therapist, a cheerleader, a voice of reason, a companion.

It means having someone to dream with. Someone to make dreams come true with. To help each other follow passions or just enjoy the day to day murmur of washing machines and jobs.

It means having someone to hug. Someone to fall in love with again and again.

Photos were displayed on each table of Reed and Emily as children. The bridal table had photos of Doug and I on our wedding day as well as Reed’s parents on theirs.

I am as proud to to have dropped my maiden name to become Mrs. Sanders as Emily is becoming Mrs. Thompson. It is a beautiful thing. Marriage is not just an old fashioned notion. It is a gift of great measure.

Wishing Emily and Reed many, many happy, healthy years together. Félicitation!

(The professional photos will be ready in a few weeks. I will share them with you when I get them!)

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