Rose Limonade et un Bon Livre (rose lemonade and a good book)

There are so many ways to add beauty to one’s life. By purposely choosing to surround ourselves with pretty things, with lovely friends, views of nature, with great books, and fun outings, with hikes, and kisses, under stars, around family, cups of great coffee, and a slick of fun lipstick, these things culminate into sweetness; into une belle vie.

Rose lemonade adds beauty and sweetness to a hot summer’s day on the front porch with a great book. What is more beautiful than roses?

In a tall glass add 1 Tablespoon each lemon juice, rose water, and agave. Stir well, add ice and top with cold water.

One could add a dash of vodka to the glass or fill with sparking wine instead of water if one were so inclined.

Enjoy with friends or with a great book. I am currently reading, Bella Figura; How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way by Kamin Mohammadi. It is a wonderful travel memoir, inspiring and sweet. Especially nice with a glass of rose lemonade.

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