Des Médias Sociaux et La Vraie Vie (social media and real life)

I grew up in a good generation. We didn’t have cell phones. In fact the very idea that a small telephone could accompany us everywhere seemed very sci-fi indeed. We had a home phone. And we had our friends. I don’t remember not being able to get a hold of Grandma. Or my best friends. I didn’t miss anything. I knew who was dating who, and what time to meet at the mall, and what time to be home (by the time the street lights came on…but I couldn’t leave until after supper). It was a beautiful world. None of us feared walking around with friends after dark or walking to the park alone.

1996 before cell phones. I am holding my second child, Shyanne Mae, next to my high school friend, Jill.

I don’t leave my house all that often now and I don’t receive very many phone calls. I get a lot of text messages though. I am afraid to walk alone to the park, being so inundated by social media, I somewhere along the line became fearful. With the advent of the cell phone, we also got social media. We are constantly bombarded with paranoid news, and stories, and images.

Last Saturday holding my granddaughter, Ayla Mae.

I have 365 some odd friends on facebook. I suppose if I left facebook I would never hear from 340 of them again. It is lovely to be able to see old school mates or previous clients or the children’s friends or my old friends, but I think my social life has become cyber and I am missing real friendships and interactions. My good friend had a heart attack a month ago. I found out on facebook because I rely on it for news on friends instead of calling those dear to me.

My blogs help me capture moments in time just as photos do. This one of my daughter’s wedding Saturday.

Social media boosted my business and my writing over the years. I can use my phone to find out if there is an accident ahead. I can text my children and friends and keep in touch quickly and often. I can take photos with my phone and upload them to my blog. Oh, this blogosphere, I adore it! That is one thing I do love about the internet. I have a platform. Hundreds of typed pages from the type writer and in bound journals now have a voice.

I guess what shocks me the most is the addiction factor. Even though there are many good aspects of the cyber world, there are more cons. If my phone dings, I cannot even finish reading the paragraph in my book before checking it. My eye sight is declining from my phone.

My favorite days are spent with my grown children. Days with my husband. Coffee with friends. Time experiencing real life. I love reading letters from my pen pal. I love writing. I would love to take more cooking classes.

This blog is all about finding ways to create the most beautiful life. Our lives are quick but the opportunities and moments of bliss are so plentiful. I want to experience and manifest all the beauty I can. “If you leave Facebook you will miss Alice’s birth!” my daughter says. My friend, Annie, is due in four weeks. Will she not call me? Or send me photos?

My granddaughter, Maryjane, looking for lady bugs in my garden. Time outside is better than time on a cell phone or computer!

If I were to get a home phone. If I were to just write this blog. If I were to leave Facebook (they have 3 month hiatuses you can take but the addiction factor is one they work most marvelously with to get you to stay) would I be lonely? Or would I realize that cyber social life isn’t actually a social life, but rather a time zapping mechanism that hurts my eyes. I might find more time to create art, visit an elder, read more books, hike more trails. Maybe even alone. Spend more quality time with people in person! Just something to think about.

Do you think social media adds to la belle vie, or takes from it? (and if you zipped over here from facebook to read my blog, will you take a moment to sign up by email? Merci!)


  1. I totally agree with this Katie….sometimes I really miss the old days before cyberspace. I also am guilty of texting instead of calling….good blog today!! : – )


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