Une Vie avec des Livres (a life with books)

I have had the most delightful summer thus far. I have started my life over in Paris, eating delicate croissants and drinking ruby red wine. Then I was off to Kansas for a bit to do house calls with a family doctor in an Amish community. Onward to Ohio to live on a dairy farm in 1950. I have finally just returned from Florence after soaking up sun and frescoes in the open air cafes. Where shall I go next?

When I was three years old I would memorize books from having my mother read them to me so much. At five I looked at the wavy lines on the page and guessed their contents, then asking my mother if I had read. At six, in first grade, when they taught us to read, I was overjoyed as the words and pages began to come to life before me! I have been reading voraciously ever since. Also at six, I received a children’s type writer and still have pages I wrote.

My mother had strict bedtime rules. I repeated them with our children, and even though the children have moved out, my husband and I still adhere to such a schedule. Animals taken care of, get ready for bed, then get into bed and read. When I was young it was for thirty minutes. I now try to stay awake for a full hour to read. I do tend to get lost amongst the backdrop of literature. My body also knows it is time to slow down and sleep comes easy.

One of the greatest gifts anyone can have is the ability to read. Why, there is nothing in the world that one cannot learn from books. Travel is easy. Inspiration rich.

Our soon-to-be new home is but half a mile from a library. I eyed it immediately upon entering the small town. A world of books at one’s fingertips for free. So much wit, so much humor, drama, history, education…so much life!

Next week I begin to decorate and I will be adding lots of cozy nooks for reading throughout our new country house.

What are your favorite books? What are you reading right now?

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