Décorer des Styles et Créer de Beaux Intérieurs (decorating styles and creating beautiful interiors)

Many years ago my husband and I wandered through a store filled with beautiful pieces of Scandinavian design. “It’s so boring!” I told my husband. He agreed.

Southwestern has always been one of my favorite decorating styles. (photo from internet)

I find it interesting how our tastes change over the years. From the whimsical, cluttered country look, to Southwestern, Farmhouse, Victorian, to Nordic decor, where does your eye fall these days?

I have always let the house tell its story to me in order to choose its design. My husband is insistent that we stay at this next house for at least ten years (I am in agreement), but the reason I so enjoy moving is because it gives such a fresh start. Out go the cobwebs and peeling paint, the dated furniture, the piles of hidden junk in the basement. Everything gets sorted, cleaned, given away, and new designs can come shining through. New representations of where our lives are now.

In three days we are moving back to the country. Yesterday we wandered the new town we will be residing in and the two small towns minutes away. We were near giddy that people talked to us in the grocery store, people waved on the dirt road- the country is different than the city. We are ridiculously excited to move back to a small town.

I am starting with a clean slate. A 1993 build, obviously completely redone in the past year. Maybe a rental? Maybe a fix and flip? It has shiny, fresh paint throughout and new flooring. It is lovely and new and doesn’t utter a word to me about its proper decor type. Any style could be used there.

Victorian style (image from internet)

Moving makes me want to be a minimalist and I realize just how full our current house has become. After moving two shops that we closed last fall home, every square inch of this place held something. My husband was getting claustrophobic.

English country style (image from internet)

So how do you choose what your current style is? Is it time to redecorate? Are things getting stagnant? Are you moving to a new home? By using key words you can find your perfect style. Think of what you want the house to portray; how do you want it to feel?

My list went something like this:

Easy on eyes (declutter). Comfortable for guests (get enough beds for all grown kids to stay). Be able to put feet up (this decided what sofa we were going to buy). Throws. Country house. Rustic, Light. White. Inspiring (I do all my writing from home). Art. Entertaining. Clever storage (not a big house). Retro. Streamlined. European. Simple. Farmhouse. Sweet. Cottage. Comfortable. Natural. Nature in and out of house. Modern. Welcoming. Inviting. Classy. Grown up. Uncluttered. Easy to clean. Flowers. Natural wood. Cream. Grey. Brown. White washed. Color accents. Kitchen island. Chef. Candlelight….Scandinavian.

Clean lines, uncluttered, comfortable- the key ideas of Scandi design (image from internet)

By using the key words I was able to decide on what pieces I was going to buy for the new house and what to get rid of from our current house. We now have an IKEA in Colorado and that is where we will go. Key words can help you choose colors, designs, statement pieces, and the feel of your house. How funny that fifteen years later, that boring Scandinavian design looks like home to us.

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