Le Chemin du Retour (the road home)

Mes amies, I am home!

It is unapologetically the West out here. Wildness permeates the land. I feel my heart being set free under the vastness of western sky.

Sitting on my back patio in the cool morning air, I look out from the hill I am perched on, across the sweeping valleys and up the layered rows of violet, blue, and golden tones of the mountains I hold dear.

Mon chien runs around like a maniac. It is his second birthday today and he is so happy here. He sits and listens to the other Pyrenees across the village on farms and returns their calls. He sleeps upright throughout the night, mostly quiet, in the cool starlit air. He does not miss the city; nor do I. We are home.

I set up a space for sitting cozily in the evenings after the sun has dropped behind the mountain range. Lamps and pillows and comfortable sofas, books, and tea. I make a blank space our home. My Love will be happy to return after work to this beloved place.

The Prickly Pear is almost ready to harvest for icy margaritas. Rabbits dart to and fro. I swoop one up into my hands, a baby, no bigger than a stone, away from the hunting instincts of my dog and safely move the furry infant under a cedar tree.

I must tell you something, mes amies. Never stop dreaming. Never stop dreaming and working towards your heart’s desires.

Dieu Merci! We are home.


  1. This is so encouraging! We are searching for our very own ‘forever home’ and it is more than difficult. To read about your success and happiness gives me hope!


  2. Welcome to Penrose, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. It is a beautiful place to live and the community is the best part. Brightest Blessings on this next part of your journey.

    John and Theresa


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