Une Visite de Ma Maison (a tour of my home)

Driving along the streets of south Denver nearing my grandmother’s house, I always looked for the ceramic swan on her porch, then I would know I was there. My granddaughters will look for the orange door!

It is amazing what a few pots of flowers and a few coats of paint can do to the front of the house.

I am always amazed by the transformational power of simple paint. Garage sale and old pieces of furniture suddenly look fresh and take on a new personality.

“This is our first grown-up house,” Doug told his co-worker. At this stage of my life (and it may change!) I am looking for calm respites and soothing colors. The bright southwest decorations and farmhouse tchotchkes are all packed up in the garage.

Having enough comfortable seating is important to me as I love to entertain.
The seating area creates its own space complete with drink table space for everyone and an ancient trunk filled with warm blankets.
The table extends to seat 10 people! Having enough room to host Thanksgiving was on my priority list. Note the smooth lines of all the furniture, the lack of rugs, the mixture of rustic and modern makes the space feel warm while still feeling calm.
This old spice cabinet is the only wall hanging. It was in my grandma’s kitchen for as long as I can remember. Instead of wall hangings, I decorated with plants. Mr. Aloe outgrew his pot and this was the only receptacle we could find that was big enough! His new name is Oscar. The geraniums line a wall that is 10 feet high. The high ceilings provide enough light for the flowers.

Start with a solid base of color. The greige walls, beige couch, grey sofa, and darker grey chairs are blended with brown leather dining chairs and a white table. Touches of white and colorful accents, like the clock and pillows, blend everything together. Sheep skin throws, wool pillows, and other natural textures are used throughout.

Lots of pillows make the bedroom inviting and cozy.
We have a very high bed so bar stools made much more practical side tables. I added a basket to each one to corral books, glasses, and such.
I want my house to feel welcoming to my family and friends so I purposely added components that would make them feel at home.
The chalkboard pantry doors were easy to paint and create a bit of drama in the open kitchen.
I did a cabin theme for the guest room complete with a stuffed animal moose head over the bed. Since my primary guest is six years old the closet is set up with toys and little chairs.
I am a writer and artist so my office is a decorated differently than the rest of the house. I want lots of books, inspirations, and shots of color. The bulletin board will hold magazine clippings, craft ideas, and other snippets of ideas. Photos line the top of the shelves.
My grandpa is 92 years old and still creating architectural drawings. My cousin now transfers them to a CAD program. Grandpa’s kind of art is going to be a lost one and I felt the need to save some of his drawings and frame them.
The sofa in the living room and this futon turn into a bed for overnight guests.

I am home most of the time and my husband comes home from work looking for respite, so our home is set up to be a restoring, comfortable place filled with love, treasures, and life. However you decorate, fill your home with things you love, colors that inspire you, and aspects that fit your lifestyle. La douceur du foyer- Home sweet Home.

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