Beauté de 5 Minutes (5 minute beauty)

There is a young woman who works at the coffee shop. I noticed how beautiful her lip color is while Doug and I sat looking out at the mountains, sipping glorious morning coffee. I thought I might ask her what color it was. As she came closer I realized that was the actual color of her lips! She is twenty-one so I now refer to that sweet, raspberry color as youth #21.

Dressed up, or in jeans, farm boots, and a child on her leg, Alli always looks good and her bright lipstick hints at her fun personality!

If you have five minutes or less to devote to your routine, Sister, I promise that a great lip color is about all you need to feel put together. I have a friend who has two kids, a farm, and a busy life. Her rose red lipstick always makes her look like she is ready to take on the world.

I have found that a quick slick of great mascara and a bright lip color makes me go from tired middle aged housewife to bold in seconds. It doesn’t really matter what others think, it’s not for them. When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a window or a rear view mirror, you can give yourself a little wink. You got this Girl.

Whether you opt for full makeup or just a quick lipstick application, how you feel about yourself does influence your day. Why not add some great heels and maybe a jean jacket to your look while you are busy taking on the world?

In those few transformative seconds of mascara and lip color (and a good cat eye with eyeliner if you really want to take on the world) help us feel more confident, makes us smile, makes our interactions with others more bold, makes us stand up a little straighter, gives us a bit more sass.

(A Chanel ad)

Whether we are homemakers or lawyers, we women are extraordinary. It is amazing how hot pink, bright red, or dark plum lipstick can showcase our inner vivaciousness and bring to the world just a bit more fun. Tu es si belle!

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