Le Défi de L’Optimisme (the optimism challenge)

“We went to IKEA and I had a lovely day with my girls and got a new couch, but I spent three hours just trying to return the other sofa.”

“I rode my bike here! I am pretty certain it is up hill both ways!”

“I had a pretty good day at work but then…”

I have been keenly aware of something lately in myself and in others around me. Maybe it is human nature. It seems we feel that we have to commiserate or make things a negative joke in order to seek a common connection with others. Pay attention today and you will see it. Likely with yourself as well.

What would happen, I wonder, if we left out the the “but then…” or any negative statement? What if we only said positive things? C’est impossible?

“I had a great day with my girls. We had a fun shopping trip.” “I rode my bike here! I am so glad my body is healthy enough to do so.” “I had a great day at work.” These statements only show gratitude and lift your heart and make you smile.

Notice how you feel when someone complains to you or says something negative. It effects your whole day, your whole body.

Yes, things happen. We wait three hours to be helped at a busy store. We are tired and sore after a new workout. Co-workers and people get on our nerves. Traffic was terrible. We could go on for years complaining and recognizing every little thing. It takes negativity and gloom to contrast life with positivity and optimism. But I wonder what would happen if I only allowed uplifting and happy words to escape my lips.

What would happen, I wonder, if we only spoke positively? If we only allowed optimism in our lives? How would it change our perception? How would it change our relationships with others? How would people react to us? How would it change our life? I believe it would be profound.

I challenge you, friends, to join me in this experiment that may very well change our lives and the lives around us. Let us leave out the negativity, laments, complaints, and otherwise darkest shading of our lives, and only speak positive words, have optimistic outlooks, and create lighter beauty everywhere we go. We draw our own lives, let us do it positively. In this way we are creating la belle vie!

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