Célébration de L’Automne en Famille (celebration of fall with family)

It is the beginning of autumn harvest season! This is our family’s favorite time of year. Our farm is aptly named Pumpkin Hollow Farm (we will have this new place looking like a farm in no time). So, when our children came for the weekend we wanted to do something really fun. We looked up local attractions but ended up at two nearby farms to pick apples, blackberries, and choose early pumpkins. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was the highlight of our weekend together.

Doug and I went around our village the night before the children arrived to scout out which farms we should go to. We ended up talking to one of the farmers for quite some time. The couple retired, they bought land here with apple trees on it, and a U-Pick farm was born.

The first farm we all ventured to looks to be a multi-generational establishment and has many acres of pears, blackberries, and apples. They laid out pumpkins in the pastures (it is still too early for pumpkins) and took us on a tractor driven hay ride to get to the blackberry patch.

Maryjane- being the perfect height- deftly found deep black berries amongst the unripe pink clusters. We all became about six years old as we went down row after row searching.

Early pumpkins were chosen for decorations and lots of photo opportunities were taken.

Off to the next farm where we tried the best fruit from an old tree. Not an apple, but surprisingly, a Whitney Crabapple! Sweet and crisp and all of four or five bites, these are the perfect snacks. We gathered Galas, and Mackintosh, and other varieties from trees that had a green ribbon to let us know they were ripe.

It was an inexpensive outing and we went home with bags of fresh apples, the blackberries we didn’t eat, fresh honey from the farm, and great memories together. Some of the simplest times are the best.

Consider finding a U-Pick farm or local harvest festival to celebrate autumn, family, and farmers. J’aime l’automne!

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