Tomber à La Mode (fall into fashion)

J’aime l’automne! I always say that fall is my favorite season but I think September may be my most beloved month. There is just something about crisp, desert mornings, golden Cottonwood leaves, the smell of wood smoke lingering in the air, and a warm cardigan with a cup of hot cider to make me feel inspired and vibrant. Fall fashion emanates all of this.

Ralph Lauren

The key to easy fashion is a great set of pieces that can mix and match their way through the following year. Buy the best quality you can and choose pleasing colors to you. You will find they will likely all be in the same color palette and go fabulously together! Since styles repeat themselves, second hand stores may also hold some great pieces matched with new ones.

Flannel has never really gone out of style, and on the runway it is here again in all its camper-cozy vibe. I purchased this one recently at Cracker Barrel (no kidding) with its feminine crocheted inset, it is perfect for layering with jeans or a cute skirt and belt.

If you love Nordic decor, we are adding the very same elements to the wardrobe. Soft textures, natural materials, and mixed elements to create comfort and beauty. Throwing on a really soft cardigan makes it easy to go from a hot September day to a cool, starlit night.


Hallelujah, jeans are starting to rise higher. Jeans this season are mid-rise to high-rise and are ever so much more flattering for every body type. Skinny jeans are still out there but so are nice straight lines as well.

For the hygge look and cozy feel, pair with alpaca socks and Birkenstocks! Boots and heels are certainly still here to stay. You can completely change your look with shoes!

V-neck t-shirts from Walmart are soft and long lasting. Grab a few of those for sure. Jean jackets never go out of style (thank goodness, because they last forever!) Corduroy is always cute and is back in all its glory. As are animal prints. (Yay!)


Autumn closet checklist: 1 or 2 pairs of cute, comfy jeans. A corduroy or jean skirt. A longer, loose dress. A knee length, flattering dress. T-shirts. Flannel shirts. A few loose tops. A few different cardigans. A jean jacket. A plush coat. High boots. Low boots. High heels. Flats. A few great scarves. Add a few loose sweaters and you are on your way to looking like you just jumped off the Autumn runway.

Harper’s Bizarre (I love the first look)

No matter what you choose to wear this fall, choose comfort and clothes you love. Wear a smile to complete your look. Tu es si belle, mes amours!

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