Confident and Romantic; Spring Fashion Report

Spring fashion in 2020 is all flowy romance and comfort. And it looks all beautifully familiar. Think 1980’s when Laura Ashley met up with classic Levi 501’s. Good bye stretch pants and hip hugger jeans!

Photo from Pinterest

This is by far my favorite look. I am still getting used to the idea of ripped jeans. I am a little behind the times on this but if I am going to rip them on my farm sooner or later, why rush it? But they are cute. Throw on a fun t-shirt and comfy mules and you are ready to take on the world. But the thing I love most about this outfit? That fedora. It exudes confidence and classic style. From average to boss in two seconds.

Photo from Pinterest

As a child in the 80’s, I was a little different than other kids my age. I devoured Laura Ashley books, decorated spaces in my head, and loved any item of clothing that was flowery and romantic. This season’s dresses are casual, sweet, with a nod to the simpler design of older generations.

Photo from Pinterest

Farm girl chic is on the rise with darling overalls (another 80’s remembrance) in all different styles and patterns. Husbands everywhere approve.

Elisabeth Franchi shorts

Oh my gosh, these shorts! I love the traveler vibe! And the high waist. How happy I am to see a return of the high waist. They are far more flattering for every body type. A little fun and sass added to a wardrobe is wonderful, whether you have a luncheon in town or are heading to the grocery store.

Footwear this season is all about sandles! Strappy ones, sensible ones, sassy ones. These explorer/canvas sandles are fun and would go great with any pair of jeans.

Cabi Spring Line

Capris are big this season again for good reason. They are at once cool and casual or fancy and sharp, depending on what you pair with them. I love the sash around the waist. It gives a traveling through Italy feel that I love.

Photo from Pinterest

My aunt used to tell me when I was a teenager that she was impressed by my ability to take three items of clothing and make twelve outfits! We didn’t have much money growing up and throughout my life, expensive clothes have never been option. It is more eco-friendly anyway to take the ideas that are popular or classic and try to create them oneself with thrift store clothes or clothes at the back of the closet. Fashion trends are just ideas. Run with what you love. Your clothes make a statement about you. What do you want others to know without saying a word?

Right now, my closet is filled with frayed and faded clothes. It needs an overhaul. I am tired of buying Walmart-esque clothing, only to have it fray and shred in a few months. This trend shocks me. From now on, I will be trying to purchase one quality piece at at time, and then change it up season to season. My sister-in-law represents Cabi ( I always love her lines.

Levi 501 Skinny

So, whether you hit Goodwill or the box of clothes at the back of your closet, have fun pulling together romantic, classic looks and pick up some high waist 501’s and a smart fedora. You will find yourself standing a little taller. Thank goodness Spring has arrived!


  1. Oh my gosh and deja vu!!!!! Loved the fashion show here. I made a great many “flowing” shifts, swing skirts, caftans and bodice fitted flower prints over the years. Also the three quarter pants (aka pedal pushers, aka capri pants) are comfy items for summer as I don’t wear shorts any more…lol. I’ve just begun sewing again after a two year hiatus and I’m thinking some pastel prints and ruffles and long gowns will be on my cutting table. At the moment I’m sewing face masks and nightgowns…what a combo, huh??? Hugs and stitches, Barbara


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