The Instant Garden Bed

My husband and I live on a lovely small farm in the high desert of southern Colorado. The soil here is river bottom sand set in thick limestone and thousand year old weeds that have no desire to leave.

I have a glorious fenced-in kitchen garden that is over two-thousand square feet but I wanted more space to grow. I headed to the pasture just south of the house. I attempted to dig my shovel into the soil. The shovel clinked off a large stone and I couldn’t budge the spear grass. Enter plan B.

Plan B!

Two layers of thick cardboard ringed with found rocks and bricks.

Four inch thick sheaves of straw topped the cardboard. Then a layer of compost and a layer of organic gardening soil, and it is ready to plant!

Creating a garden is fun and easy and can be made any size, any where with only a little cardboard, straw, and some bags of soil! Happy planting!

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