Do More of What Makes You Happy

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun rose over the horizon, painting pink along the edges of the landscape. I watched as the clouds overtook over minutes of time. A low cirrus in the shape of a horse astounded me as it flowed across the rising sun and the dark clouds of an impending storm swayed on its tail. The winds have picked up now. Moisture lingers on dawn’s breath. It is Easter.

There will be no Easter egg hunting or wild games of bocce played by my family. Quarantine and storms have altered our plans, and yet the stillness of the house with the fire in the grate is still calming and peaceful. Steam rises from my cup. The goats are cuddled with their farm dog, the chickens are scratching for seed, the cats wander the house in search of mischief, and my love has just risen and will be searching for coffee soon.

Springtime always feels like renewal to me. A fresh start. A new beginning. A chance to breathe in life after a winter of pondering. To grasp childlike wonder and being. The way we were. Unraveling religious upbringing to find the glimmers of light and truth within one’s soul. Finding our own path upon this trodden earth and catching glimpses of inspiration. To watch a waterfall collapse upon rocks and smell the damp earth among growing trees as birds sing from high branches and feel our innate sense of renewal and belonging upon the earth. To know that every decision we make will probably not cause instant ruin to the environment, or instant damnation, or instant betrayal. That past our worries and insecurities and upbringings and the news, there is a space of peace and belonging and wonder.

“What should I do?” you ask. What do you want to do? Do that.

“What are my gifts?” you ask. What do you love to do? That is your gift.

“How can I serve others?” “How can I save the earth?” “Which religion is right?” “Who really loves me?” you may ask. Lead with love my dear, the Light whispers. For you belong right here. Right now. Do what you love. Sing your prayer. or cry your prayer. you are the prayer. Be within nature. Lead with love. And do more of what makes you happy.

‘Tis as simple as that, really.

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