Café et Pain au Chocolat

The bright flood of light filtered through my bedroom window hinting at a snowy day. I added an extra layer and went out to the barnyard to do chores. The goats are four weeks old tomorrow and they are adorable suckling on their baby bottles, crouching low and wagging their tales. Thick snowflakes of glorious intricacy landed on their dark fur, further accentuating nature’s art.

A small, rosy bird spent the night in the little barn. She peeked out the window to see the weather then flew off to do her own chores.

The chickens ran out of their coop only to look at the January-in-April sky with confusion and turned back indoors.

The farm dog ran blissfully through the soft dustings of snow.

Inside, music plays sweetly and the kitchen air is perfumed with the earthy delight of coffee. As the Nespresso pulls its perfect cup, I remove the pan of pain au chocolat from the oven.

It is a quick version- not quite as spectacular as one from a French bakery- but fitting for a morning in the farmhouse.

Using a package of quick croissants, fold in a few pieces of chopped chocolate as you roll the dough up. Bake for specified time and serve.

It is the simple pleasures and the beauty of the moment added up into many moments that make life so sweet.

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