Reevaluating to Create a Beautiful Life

The sun beat down warm around the umbrella we all sat under during lunch at a popular brewery. We meet our friends, Lisa and Lance, for lunch twice a year, or so. They have a large ranch two hours from our little farm. They live a pretty simple, homesteading life like we do.

“I don’t want to live in fear anymore,” I said to Lisa.

“Me neither,” was her simple reply. Innately, we both understood.

I tend to think that we don’t do things out of fear. My gardens are six times bigger than our previous urban farm. Without help, we are beyond tired. My hips hurt. I cannot even get the weeding done. Why are we gardening on this scale again?

From diets to to-do lists, from planning ahead to worrying about the future, we all do things out of fear without really realizing it. There is so much more to life than just being prepared for the worst and trying to prevent things from happening!

I tore out a magazine article from this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living and have looked at it again and again. The couple interviewed tore out elaborate English gardens in lieu of a simple Japanese design. The outdoor space was complete with a bocce court and swimming pool and space for entertaining. The food gardens were pared down to a few herb boxes and cherry tomatoes. The couple supported local farmers instead.

You can do that? I wondered aloud.

The couple took an aspect of their life that was becoming burdensome and created a haven which took into account how they wanted to live their life now. That is inspiring.

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