As a teenager, I was very good at taking a few hand-me-down and thrift store finds and creating a dozen different outfits. My daughter, Emily, and I can still find some great clothes at the thrift store in town but I also purchase new items to add in. All one really needs is a few basic pieces to mix and match through the seasons!

Above are the exact seven pieces I bought for this season (forgive the pixelated photos from Amazon.):

Jeans and a Jean Skirt- A great pair of soft jeans is a must. Look for high waisted. And since jean material is the epitome of autumn and winter fashion (even on a farm), a cute jean skirt is just fun. I finally gave up my mini jean skirt some time ago, but I didn’t particularly want a long, shapeless one either. The one in the above gallery was just right: cute and flirty, but sensible and modest.

Slacks or a Long Skirt- A pair of nice slacks would be good too, but I opted for a long gabardine-style skirt. It is hard enough finding jeans that fit my frame! Skirts are more forgiving and this one is a mix of country-chic and White Christmas.

Flannel Shirt- Flannels are still in style and for good reason; they are fabulous! Thank you Hallmark channel for giving us our favorite again this year. I opted for a longer flannel with a trim waist and optional pulled up sleeves. I adore its bright colors.

Soft T-shirt- A simple t-shirt can be worn under the flannel with it open or worn with a glitzy belt over a skirt, or tucked into jeans with a cardigan.

Two Sweaters- A beautiful cable knit sweater is a must-have for cold nights and this sexy, soft off-the-shoulder sweater is comfortable and pairs well with everything.

Find what you love. Choose colors that please your spirit. Forget what color supposedly looks best; choose what makes your heart sing, because a smile is your most beautiful asset.

  • Jeans with flannel shirt.
  • Jeans with flannel shirt and cable knit on top.
  • Change out the jeans for the jean skirt.
  • The off-the-shoulder sweater goes with either.
  • The long skirt looks great with the cable knit and long boots.
  • A jean jacket, long cardigan, or great shawl can top any sweater or shirt.
  • Fun hats (think berets, floppy hats, or vintage hats) can bring a lot of personality to jeans and a sweater.

One doesn’t need to spend a fortune on clothing, but a few well-made pieces add a little fun and fashion to the wardrobe. Wearing pretty clothes makes life more beautiful. And if you feel good, you look good!