As a young couple in our first house together, we wanted a set of Christmas village houses. We loved the little windows, people going about their shopping in a tiny village, faux snow surrounding the town. The prices kept us from purchasing. Those little houses are expensive.

Years went by and we still pined for one, so Doug suggested that we just buy one piece a year. “One a year!” I exclaimed, “It will take forever to get a whole set!”

Funny how quickly time flies. We now have fourteen ceramic pieces in our village.

Each piece is sentimental. We love the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. We named one of our past kitties, some sixteen years ago, Zuzu’s Petals. What fun to find “Martini’s” and the “Welcome to Bedford Falls” Sign.

There was the year we found an Apothecary and could hardly believe it! Having our own apothecary made us snatch up that tiny shop.

Andrew’s music shop (our son, Andrew, is a musician), and the seafood restaurant that reminded us of a place in California our friends took us to, all joined the village, one year at a time.

Every year in November, we get to the store early to find a piece we love before they are all sold out. This year we found a train station.

Collections can make our lives more beautiful. Beauty and artistry mixed with memories and fun.

What do you collect?