The loom calms me. I am one of those people that has a very hard time sitting down. I must always be busy or I am frantic. The loom calms me. The colors thrill me. The pace is soothing to my soul. And what I create makes me proud.

This is the shawl I am working on right now. It is burgundy with gold and turquois Native American designs on the ends. It will be finished soon. ($40)

In the spirit of the upcoming season, I wanted to share my work with you. Please consider giving a handmade shawl as a gift.

This one is finished and ready for a new home! ($40)

My friend, Lisa, gave me this loom before her passing. It is special to me. I was pleased to learn of someone local who kindly gave me brief lessons. I have lots of books checked out from the library and am experimenting with texture, color, and design.

This beautiful Nordic blue and cream shawl/wrap/scarf came off the loom recently. It is acrylic, very soft, and warm. It is $40.

This one I made for myself with alpaca yarn and it is plush and lovely. I can custom make shawls in any color and yarn type desired. Alpaca and wool fibers would make the shawl $50 and is much higher quality.

My shawls will last a very long time. They are well woven and stunning. They are versatile enough to wear outdoors to let the chickens out of the coop or out for a night on the town. I always have mine with me.

Art is such an effective way to deal with stress and a beautiful way to express oneself. I am grateful to be an artist. If I might be able to create something to make your life more beautiful or someone you love, please email me what you would like. Or I can get you the blue/cream shawl if you love that and want it now! And again, thank you for supporting local artisans.